urska janjevak - vodstvo cinca bincaI am Urška Janjevak, the founder of Montessori Centre and the principle of vodstvo-slika Children’s House Cinca Binca. I have a bachelor degree in landscape architecture and I am a Montessori educator, for groups 3-6 years.

I cooperate with Runa association – association for vulnerable social groups, with experts in the field of occupational therapy, with Association for sensory integration, Centre Korak from Kranj city and various other creative individuals, who enable the children full comprehensive development with their knowledge and experience. In the past, I have managed an afternoon programme for children and parents, meetings and various workshops.

I am happily married and a mother to two daughters. The first daughter is responsible for my   true beginning in life and it’s genuine journey. My second daughter is following my creative footsteps in discovering the field of Montessori education, which I perform at Montessori Institute in Ljubljana together with SETON College from Chicago.

»I am grateful for a successful past , and am looking forward to our mission – aiding children, who enlighten each moment of our lives with their existence. I look forward to a future full of creativity and optimism.  «

EDA ŠTEBLAJ- head teacher

Professor of art education and montessori therapist. Mother of 4 children, with  more than 20 years of experience in early childhood and 4 rears in elementary education.


Every clasroom is led by a trained and certified montessori teacher with a strong grounding in Montessori method and philosophy. All of our teachers  at childrens house Cinca Binca have a university degree from diffrent areas. In addition to the educational component, the lead teachers that we hire have a passion for working with and educating children.


(children from 1-3 years)

monika kerman

MONIKA KERMAN early childhood educator.skupina-gosenice
Montessori educator 0-3

»There are no small steps when it comes to the children. Everything that they do is in great strides. Their hearts are much larger than the hearts of grown ups. Children manage to store in their heart everything that they see and everything that they are conscious of. Even the tiniest stone that they notice on the road, a leaf from a tree, a kiss, an ant or a cricket. Above all, they can store in their heart all the people surrounding them…«


(children from 3-6 years)

skupina cekinčkiKATJA TUŠEK Montessori educator (3-6 years),

Professor of spanish and french and montessori teacher 3-6. Mother of 3 children, with 3 years experience in early childhood and 5 years in elementary education ( IBO and IH MINT)


• French language speaker
• English language speaker
• Spanish language speaker


Branka Istenič
Art teacher and graphic designer
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The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say, “The children are now working as if I did not exist”.

Maria Montessori


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