Admittance of a child to the nursery is an important event for the child and the parents. We can make this event more pleasant with mutual cooperation. In order to make the initiation process more pleasant for the child, the parents will be encouraged to meet the teacher in person. Both parties will discuss the process of initiation and the child.

We recommend that the parents take several days off during the process of child initiation. Separation from the parents presents a great change. The child will require more attention, patience and tenderness than is usual. We do not recommend adding extra changes into a childs life during the initiation process. When picking up your child from the nursery, allow him to react to changes and release tension (crying). We also recommend that the child attends the nursery regularly at least for the first month. Constant rhythm of  arrival and departure will give the child a sense of security and confidence. If your child’s departure to the nursery is causing you to worry, we are always at your service. You may consult with the teacher or the headmaster at any time. A warm exchange of words will relieve your distress, which will also positively affect your childs experience.

Some characteristics of a child younger than 3 years:
A child who is less than three years old may be prepared on the changes through gradual initiation. A child experiences the surrounding world through experience of his closest guardians as well (the child may sense uncomfort coming from the parents and is capable of transferring it on himself).

Response of a child at nursery admission:
Some children can adapt more quickly to new surroundings: their adaptation troubles are usual – crying at time of separation, holding on to parents, vulnerability, unrest, fatigue, difficulty falling asleep and lack of appetite. They may even resent the parents. Other children may respond by falling ill (respiratory and gastrointestinal disease).