Turn the childs artifice into a real toy!

Artifice created by children are a product of endless imagination. Childs world of imagination is full of animals, relatives, objects, space creatures…These finished products are very important for the parents and the closest relatives. Our childrens creations embellish walls, refrigerators, doors…Can you imagine what it feels like, if your creation can become “alive”?

Our partners are able to bring the child’s creation to life! A drawing can transform into a live toy. The childs first drawing of  a parent, a pet can become reality and is therefore very unique. The final product shines a smile on a childs face and makes them feel proud.

Muca: deklica starost 7 let

CAT. 7 years old girl.

Mami. Deklica stara 3,5 let.

MOM. 3,5 years old girl.

Očka. Deklica stara 3,5 let.

DAD. 3,5 years old girl.

The product is hand crafted and becomes a unique gift or a valuable childhood memory. The color and details are adjusted according to the childs drawing, which makes it easy for the children to recognise their work.

The price of the product depends on the scope of the childs drawing. If you want your childs drawing to become “alive” you can contact us on the e-mail address listed below and we will send you a reply as soon as we possibly can.