Children’s House Cinca Binca is carrying out daylong programme based on the principles of internationally renown  Montessori pedagogics with a decade long tradition. Maria Montessori was an Italian doctor, who developed the method for working with children. This method is being embraced by contemporary scientists. Montessori pedagogics is becoming suitable for children born in the fast paced environment of the modern world.

Montessori center was established in order to offer optimal upbringing and quality child education. The Montessori approach along with a warm and domestic environment offers the children basic conditions for their personal development. Child upbringing is the way of life of our co-workers.

We strive to enable an environment where the children fully develop their potential and knowledge, which is the foundation for a fully developed adult.


Our general programme captures education, upbringing, healthy nutrition, nursing and rest. Along this, we offer an enriched programme containing the following activities:

  • Integration of foreign language. An english speaker is present at all times. Sometimes joined by speakers of Spanish, French and German language.
  • Sensorial integration is included during motive education in our gym.
  • Musical hours taught through the Edgar Willems method.
  • Confraternity of the good shepherd.
  • Visits to the market, theatre and library.


Our extra curriculum is intended for children who are not regulars in our Montessori center. It is being performed in the afternoon and is open for both parents and children.

We perform our programme in two groups. The first group is composed of parents with children who are up to 2,5 years of age. The second group is for parents and children older than 2,5 years.

Our activities include:

  • Art workshops
  • Sporting activity
  • Sensory integration