»help me to do it by myself!«

Maria Montessori

  • We promote self discipline, self cognition and independence of the children.
  • We promote creativity, curiosity for learning and exploring.
  • We ensure a stimulating environment which has a positive effect on the development of the children.
Our programme covers the following aspects:
  • Everyday life,
  • Language,
  • Mathematics,
  • Perception,
  • Cosmos,
  • Art,
  • Movement,
  • Spirituality.
Our nursery is open to families and the environment.
  • We ensure daily movement in nature and with nature.
  • We care for the health and hygiene.
  • We promote development of comprehensiveness and respect of self esteem , others and of the environment.
  • We promote the ability of agreement, consideration of diversity and cooperation amongst groups and problem solving cooperation.
  • We aid the children in obtaining knowledge and other skills for a successful education.

Peace education is our fundamental goal. Sympathetic, joy full and satisfied children who have the ability to co-exist with others. This type of approach forms individuals who are capable of contributing for a better living within their community and individuals who are capable of cooperating with one another and shaping a better future.


We strive for a nursery which accepts and promotes the challenges of contemporary child development and child education and stimulates creativity. Our guidance is the Montessori method.

We firmly believe that we are leaders in the field of active, contemporary education of children.

  • We promote the principles of Montessori method.
  • We prepare activities which are suitable for child development.
  • We make sure that the play area, didactic resources and the materials provided are suitable for the specific development period.
  • We promote art through learning, experience and delight. We promote self expression.
  • Our art teacher enables the children to develop spatial imagination, expressiveness and esthetic sensitivity. The children learn the language of art and become familiar with the art related instruments. The parents are regularly briefed about the work through art exhibitions of their children’s work.
  • We are fully aware that artistic expression is the result of the a child’s inner reflection. This is why we deepen our knowledge of the childs art development.
  • We enable daily movement activities and stimulate and level sensory integration of each child individually with the aid of Association of sensorial integration.