Welcome to the MONTESSORI CENTER, CHILDREN’S HOUSE CINCA BINCA web spot. This is where you will find all information related to our work, our employees, our Montessori programme and our activities. Montessori Center, Children’s House Cinca Binca  is a private kindergarten for children ranging from 11 months to 6 years of age.

We offer quality nursery education and various activities which intersect in our space. We enable stimulative, healthy and safe environment for the well being and individual development of a child. We respect all children and make them feel welcome and safe. Together, with the inclusion of the childs family, we develop an environment where a child is able to develop full potential. This is why we strive for good cooperation with the parents and offer them assistance. Our employees are fully responsible for the education process, which is reflected through care for child security, health, wellbeing and child development. We develop and upgrade our educational methods constantly. The heart of the Center is a pleasant and safe environment, centered around the children. The children are able to  discover and realize their potential and creativity in our Center.

We kindly welcome you to join us!
Urška Janjevak, principal

Cinca binca v luknji miš,
če jo ujameš ne loviš,
kdor pa miške ne ulovi,
ta za kazen naj miži,
en, dva, tri PRIDI TUDI TI! 

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Afternoon activity

Tiskanje odtis roke


Kolaž tema jesen

Collage: autumn theme.

Mešanje barv s prepogibanjem papirja. Deklica starost 4 leta.

Colour blending: 4 year old girl.

Kolaž. Deklica starost 4.5 let.

Collage: 4.5 year old girl.